1)Prior to seeking admission to this school the parents are instructed to be familiar with the prospectus of the school. They must read and study the terms and conditions, rules and regulations and the code of conduct for the students and parents who will be associated with this school. Ignorance of the rules and regulations, terms and conditions will not in any way justify its violation.

2)All those who seek admission of their child in this school are bound to sign an affidavit after going through the prospectus of the school that they are willing to abide by the terms and conditions inscribed in it as a precondition for taking the admission.

3)The school is established, owned and administered by the Diocese of Jalandhar, registered charitable society, primarily to cater to the educational needs of its minority community members. Therefore the parents who take admission of their students in this school should respect the right of the Christian minority community members who play a major and primary role in the administration of the school.

4) Being an unaided minority educational institution its administration is entirely with the Christian minority registered society as per the provisions of the Supreme Constitution of India.

5)The school enjoys its administrative freedom as provided by the Supreme Constitution of India in its Articles 29, 30 (1) which grants autonomy of administrative powers to minority educational institutions.

6)Admissions of students, fee structure, appointment, disciplinary action against the employees, dismissal of the employees, etc. are as per the administrative powers endowed on the minority institutions in conformity with the provisions of the Supreme Constitution of India, for minority educational institutions.

7)The school welcomes any suggestion and advice which is positive and constructive for the welfare of the children and better functioning of the school. However, the management reserves its right to accept or reject such suggestions. It is left to the prerogative of the management to implement such suggestions remaining within the administrative purview of the minority rights. The school is not bound to respond to the demands of any self-made associations or groups or even to the associations of parents and to their demands; but would be listening to the individual parents and their wards during the parents- teachers meetings.

8)Being an unaided minority private school the administration of the school is entirely under the provisions of the Articles 29 & 30 (1) of the Supreme Constitution of India which grants autonomy to the minorities to administer its own educational institutions without undue interference from any unconstitutional external forces.

9)Those parents who cause any agitation and incite others to do so against the school or join with any anti-social element to disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the school forfeit the right to continue teaching their children in this school. Their children will be rusticated without giving any other reason. On special request their children may be allowed to complete the current academic session provided the school is given legal guarantee by submitting a written undertaking by the parents through the proper legal procedure, that the atmosphere of the school will not be disturbed for the sake of the majority of children studying in the school. The children of such parents will be issued the TC along with the final result of the academic year. The same will be applicable to the students who commit the similar offence.

10)The parents must sign a self- declaration at the time of taking admission of their children that they would send them only by such transportation which is run in accordance with the “safe-school vahan” policy of the Government to ensure the safety of their children. Any parent in connivance with private vehicle operators defy the “safe school vahan” policy of the government and send their children in vehicles which do not conform to the safety measures will be issued notice and subsequently will be asked to change the mode of transportation or withdraw their students from the school, for the sake of their safety.

11)Parents are strictly forbidden to send their children to the school by vehicles which do not run in compliance with the traffic regulations of Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana high court on children’s safety. The school issues permission to ferry the children only to those vehicle owners who have submitted their legal documents to the school in compliance with the Hon’ble high court order.

12)Since the school does not own adequate number of its own vehicles for the transportation of all the students who take admission in this school, the parents are instructed to make their own arrangements with private vehicle owners or transporters. However, they must make sure that such vehicles are being operated in compliance with the safety measures ordered by the Government. The school management gives approval to those vehicle owners who run the vehicles in conformity with the “safe school vahan” policy of the government.

13)The Transportation of the children to and from the School is a collective responsibility of all stake holders. The school-management cannot be held solely responsible for the safety of the children during their transportation, especially in case of private transporters with whom the parents have made agreement without any consultation with the school authority. In such cases the matter should be dealt with the concerned Government authorities, and the school management should not be unjustly dragged into controversies which would adversely affect the peaceful teaching atmosphere of the school.

14) The management has the right to take disciplinary action against students/parents who do not comply with school-rules and requirements.

15)The parents are requested to contact the school office in the month of March, before the beginning of the new academic year to know the fee structure of the coming year. Every year the school is constrained to enhance its fee structure, remaining within the limits permitted by the competent authority, as the school does not receive any financial aid from the Government.

16)Being an unaided minority educational institution, the school is not bound to constitute a Parents association with members from the majority community to be involved in the administrative matters of the school. However, the school has its own arrangements to know the minds of the parents through the PTM (parents teachers’ meeting) being conducted in regular intervals, and through the Local Managing Committee meetings in which the parents’ and teachers’ representatives are nominated.

17)All major decisions of administrative matters are taken by the Governing Body of the registered society which runs the school in consultation with the Local Managing Committee in which the representatives of the parents and teachers are members.

18)Parents and guardians are not permitted to walk into class-rooms or interview teachers without the permission of the Principal.

19)All letters and correspondence addressed to pupils are subject to the scrutiny of the Principal. Involvement of a student in any unhealthy friendship or indecent relationship with a person of the opposite or even the same sex, or any remarks, comments, jokes, exchanging of letters, sexually nuanced gestures etc. through verbal, textual, graphic or electronic media, of demeaning nature that goes against sexual modesty, will be treated as very serious offence and those involved will be asked to discontinue studies in this school with immediate effect, after due enquiries through the internal complaint committee.

20)The school is not responsible for articles or money lost. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles (like expensive watches, fountain pens etc.) to school. Pupils below V Std. are advised not to wear costly wrist watches in the school.

21) Parents are requested to refrain from disturbing the teaching staff of the school with any school matters outside the school hours, unless the matter is of very serious and urgent in nature. Phone calls or visit to the families of the teaching or non-teaching staff at odd hours which disturb their private family life is absolutely forbidden; and legal procedures will be initiated against those parents who violate the rules. All school matters relating to their students should be dealt with during the school hours only, preferably with prior appointment.